Inspired by @Nicholas and @Lisa_Fav
  1. Scaring all the kids in my school
    Their previous native teacher was Korean-American so my whiteness was shocking and scary.
  2. One time I was on the subway sitting next to a guy who was asleep. He woke up and puked on me.
    I saw his motions out of the corner of my eye and got up to run away but was not fast enough. When I told my coworkers they apologized.
  3. Jeff and I went to a DVD-bang once (bang means room), where you pay a small price to rent a private room and watch a movie. We watched Black Swan but could hear the porn next door the whole time.
  4. It took me roughly six months before I could pronounce the name of my neighborhood/school well enough that taxi drivers could understand me.
    It was a delightful breakthrough.
  5. During school lunches the kids in line would not very subtlely scope out how I was eating certain items.
    And make comments if it was different from the norm. I tried to do the same thing as the other teachers but I had trouble, say, eating a drumstick with chopsticks...
  6. The chef at my school cafeteria learned that I did not like canned tuna and subsequently made me tuna-free versions of things.
    Super nice!
  7. There were a number of attractions and festivals centered around "things you could take selfies with."
    The snow festival, the trick eye museum, etc.
  8. I went to the big spa in Busan alone and these two ladies kept getting out of wherever I got in.
    I'm guessing they were of the popular Korean opinion that tattoos could spread disease.
  9. Whenever we went on these organized trips with this one group, they always only had floor mats to sleep on in several large rooms.
    And sometimes there weren't enough floor mats or blankets. I remember the mud festival this way non-fondly.
  10. One time Jeff and I went to Jayu Park which has a big statue of General MacArthur.
    This one older gentleman stopped us to tell us how much he loved Americans and how we saved Korea.
  11. We were regulars at a foreigner owned bar, Cheap Shots. They had trivia where last week's winner had to write and host this week's questions.
    Kind of brilliant if you don't want to have to make your own questions.
  12. We hung out with some Couchsurfers, including this one guy who loved eating dog meat and offered to take us to a dog meat restaurant.
    We said yes.
  13. Most people live with their parents until they get married. Living arrangements are cramped and leave little room for alone time, especially if you're dating. So there are a lot of places to hang out and sometimes rent private rooms.
    There are noraebangs (karaoke rooms), the aforementioned DVD-bangs, cafes with private enclosed booths, and then cat cafes, dog cafes, sheep cafes (ok I think there's only one of those), and more.
  14. There is so much more to tell - maybe later!