Inspired by @boygirlparty - after we move I feel like I want to add to this collection
  1. A picture I took in Cappadocia, Turkey, printed on glass
    I got a coupon for the glass print at a wedding show but I wanted something different on it.
  2. Wood cut aquatic topography map of the Chesapeake Bay
    A wedding present which I love
  3. Map with pins and route strings of our travels
  4. Bunnies print by my talented friend Suzanne Burns
    She doesn't currently sell online but I'll list about it when/if she does.
  5. Canvas print of a photo I took in Singapore
  6. Masks - top two are from New Orleans and the bottom is from an African mask shop in DC
  7. Art my husband got in Japan
  8. Another Japan piece
  9. Italian town scene that I inherited from a great aunt
    There is a companion piece that someone else in my family got. I wish I had that one too! Love this painting. It's quite large.
  10. Watercolor food prints that aren't yet on the wall.
    But now that we're moving we have an excuse. These are by DC artist Marcella Kriebel. You can find her stuff on Etsy ( - I'm obsessed!
  11. Metal horse sculpture that I coveted for a while at Pier One and then finally bought when it was on clearance
    The ropes draped on it were part of our wedding ceremony.
  12. Giant fork and knife sculptures in the kitchen
    I know there is no scale in this picture but they are 22" tall
  13. Pallet clock
  14. Our bows
    It's an open question whether this is art since these are functional and we take them off the wall to go shooting... But they are displayed in an artful manner
  15. Globes and suitcases
    We have a number of these around which we used for our vintage travel themed wedding. I love the look of them as decoration now.
  16. A photo collage of Dunedin, where I studied abroad
    Over my dresser.
  17. Vintage New Zealand map
    Also over my dresser.
  18. Llamas
    They may or may not be from South America... Anyway we took them down when we put up the bows but they will find some wall space in the new place I'm sure.