1. I made my account private again.
  2. My/my husband's stalker is back.
  3. He showed up at my in-laws' house and stood there screaming until the police came.
    Believe he left before they could talk to him.
  4. The police tell my mother in law there is nothing they can do.
  5. He has not contacted me or Jeff since April.
  6. Today my mother in law asked me to take down my blog.
  7. I have a travel blog that I've had for five years.
  8. It's my major creative outlet online.
  9. I've spent five years working on it.
    Though less time lately.
  10. I'm really proud of it and as a digital marketer it's sort of job related.
  11. Basically taking down my blog is the last thing I want to do.
  12. It seems like living in fear.
  13. It seems like negotiating with terrorists.
  14. It might make him feel like his actions are appropriate.
  15. He thinks everything I do is about him.
    So obviously he would think that was about him. It might backfire.
  16. She also asked me to acquiesce to his demand to "take down the pig photo."
    I have no idea what that is. He has repeated it a lot lately and I have no idea what he is talking about.
  17. I'm careful not to disclose where I live or where I'm going to be on my blog.
  18. I can't erase my digital presence.
    It's part of my job to be visible on Twitter and LinkedIn.
  19. I have to live my life.
    I get that she is scared but I don't think this is the solution.
  20. I don't want this to be a huge rift between us.
  21. But I don't want to take down my blog.
  22. I hope he isn't following me here but I just blocked several followers that had no pic and no lists.
    So I'm taking the risk that he might have found me here.
  23. If anyone has any words of wisdom I'd be happy to hear it!