Big Old Planes I Saw This Weekend

I went to the Udvar-Hazy Center of the Air and Space Museum out by Dulles.
  1. Enola Gay
    I told Jeff that it would be a cool symmetry if we end up going to see the A Bomb Dome in Hiroshima - he cringed but admitted I was right.
  2. First plane built for commercial use
  3. And then this one is from not much later!
  4. The SR-71 Blackbird looks like a spacecraft
  5. Here you go, a real spacecraft
    Seeing it how they have it displayed is really awe inspiring.
  6. Me for scale
  7. I like this little guy
  8. And this one
  9. Helicopters
    Some real flimsy ones in the top right
  10. The Concorde - zoom!
  11. Cute