Inspired by @Peace_Out_List - with one (or more) memory from my time there. I also included the price of the place we stayed (assume it's for 2 people except in New Zealand).
  1. San Luis Obispo, California - could not find booking
    Got weird sodas at a candy shop.
  2. Yuba City, California - $0, stayed at a friend's parents' place
    One of the girls we went out to see the stars with got very scared when a donkey started braying.
  3. Guilin, China - $11.12 for two dorm beds at Wada Hostel
    Really great market. Some guy used my shower shoes and I got upset and the them away.
  4. Lewes, Delaware - payed around $20 each as our share of the tent site fee
    Couldn't sleep in my tent.
  5. Collioure, France - €70 for a nice hotel room ($78.21)
    Anchovy degustation!
  6. Reykjavik, Iceland - $127 for a lovely airbnb apartment.
    It rained the entire time we were there.
  7. Shawnee Mission, Kansas - $46.72 for a room at Extended Stay America
    We ate at Arthur Bryant's then crashed.
  8. Minneapolis, Minnesota - $55.24 for a room at LaQuinta near the airport
    Mall of America was really huge!
  9. Santa Fe, New Mexico - $63.24 for a room at a LaQuinta
    I got a haircut in the mall.
  10. Christchurch, New Zealand - roughly NZ$25 for a hostel bed ($18.04)
    The cathedral was beautiful (this was pre-earthquake), and the museum was awesome.
  11. Greymouth, New Zealand - NZ$25 for a hostel bed ($18.04)
    I got drunk for the first and only time on the Monteith's Brewery tour and left my cost there 😳
  12. Hahei, New Zealand - probably about the same for hostel bed
    Walked along the gorgeous beach! Cathedral cove is often in movies.
  13. Maketu, New Zealand - can't remember the cost
    Learned some sweet dance moves at the marae stay.
  14. Nelson, New Zealand - roughly the same hostel price
    There was a street festival with lots of little kids and I got a really good vibe off the city.
  15. Raglan, New Zealand - also roughly the same hostel price
    There was a beautiful black sand beach and there hostel I started at had nice hammocks.
  16. Taupo, New Zealand - most hostels in NZ cost about the same back in 2008
    Saw the falls, the weather was shit, tour bus company claimed we could not go on the Tongariro Crossing as scheduled the morning after we slept in Taupo but some of us rebelled and went anyway. We made it halfway then had to turn back for bad weather.
  17. Wellington, New Zealand - free! Stayed with friends
    Went to Te Papa, hung out with some ladies I met at orientation in Auckland months before.
  18. London, Ontario - free! Stayed with friend.
    Stayed with our friend from Korea at his parent's house. Played board games.
  19. Niagara, Ontario - $47.87 for a room at Advantage Inn
    Ate a beaver tail, yum.
  20. Toronto, Ontario - something around $50 for a hotel room
    Ate poutine and got a book from the book vending machine at Monkey's Paw (it was an RCA records catalog - it gives you a random book).
  21. Salem, Oregon - free! Crashed on a floor
    Saw Willamette U campus, played Ticket to Ride, slept on a floor.
  22. Sioux Falls, South Dakota - ??? Don't have booking
    The hotel smelled like curry.
  23. Boryeong, South Korea - not sure of price
    Got really muddy at the Mud Festival. The place we stayed ran out of (or perhaps refused to give us) all bedding. I think maybe we didn't even get a pillow?
  24. Daegu, South Korea - don't remember hostel cost
    We were supposed to couchsurf but our host's apartment got robbed the night before 😨
  25. Gwangju, South Korea - can't find booking
    I remember the metro being small, going to a board game cafe, and walking by a horse made of tires.
  26. Inje, South Korea - not much to stay at a friend of a friend's hostel
    Went white water rafting!
  27. Yeosu, South Korea - ???
    Went to the World Expo.
  28. Zaragoza, Spain - $39 for nice apartment in the country
    Almost couldn't fit in the parking garage downtown. Ate tapas.
  29. Amarillo, Texas - $65.58 for room at Best Western
    Quarter Horse Museum, giant stuff along the highway, Texas shaped waffles at the hotel.
  30. Phuket, Thailand - $9.72 room with fan at Sukumvit Backpackers
    My salad had so much hair in it (human? dog? Unclear) that I had to leave the restaurant without eating and ran to McDonald's for a comfort meal.
  31. Kanab, Utah - $68.39 for room at Hotel Royal
    Really good Mexican food! Also I forgot about the time difference from Arizona and missed my tour of best friends animal sanctuary 😭
  32. Spokane, Washington - couldn't find price
    I ate some really tasty soup.
  33. Madison, Wisconsin - free! Stayed with friends
    Went to a mustard museum and a farmer's market!