I read this for this reading challenge: Reading Challenge: Li.sters Favorite Books @TenaciousC listed this as one of her favs! Thanks to @ReadingChallenge for your ideas!
  1. The book: Dept. of Speculation by Jenny Offill
    I checked it out from the library with this cover. I like the stamp cover better.
  2. Likes: short, easily digested paragraphs; emotionally on point; Iron & Wine reference; lyrical and beautifully written; subtle change of POV as their marriage goes through trouble.
  3. Dislikes: few specifics, don't know much about the characters.
    Though this also makes it very generalizable.
  4. Characters: There's the husband and the wife, mainly. The daughter mainly is a metronome of the relationship.
    But they all seemed pretty human. Well done.
  5. Length: short, thank god, because I needed a short book. Quick read.
  6. Overall: liked it! Quite a bit! Maybe a 3.5 or 4 out of five.