Because dogs!
  1. Keith!
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    My friends Kaytie and Liz brought their corgi, Keith, to the parade.
  2. This guy
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  3. A chill young'un
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  4. That one is a sheep.
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  5. Big dude
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  6. Prancing shelties
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  7. Scottish deerhounds
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  8. Airedales
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  9. A chihuahua who was in this woman's arms the whole time
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  10. This puppy meet and greet
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  11. Border terriers
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  12. Man dressed as a Scottie
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  13. Collies
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  14. Scotties, obviously
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    Wouldn't be a Scottish parade without them, right?
  15. Westies
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  16. Possibly bearded collies?
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  17. These goldens that watched and barked at everyone
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