Great request! I daydream about travel a lot so maybe the problem will be narrowing it down.
  1. First of all, the minimum amount of time for this vacation is a month.
    My dream job gives me two months off per year, one around the spring and one around the fall.
  2. Next I pick a country or maybe a region.
    I know to some a month might seem excessive in one country but trust me it's not. I like to spend a week minimum in most cities.
  3. Option 1: go back to New Zealand.
    I'm dreaming of going with my husband because I need to show him everything! I rent a car and we stay in cool and quirky Airbnb properties.
  4. Option 2: Croatia
    We skipped Croatia on our round the world trip and it's high on my list! Again we rent a car and stay in Airbnb.
  5. Option 3: Patagonia with an Antarctic cruise.
    The most out of reach option!!!
  6. In general I go to each city for a week minimum.
  7. I take lots of walking tours, especially food tours.
  8. I eat all the food.
  9. I go for lots of long walks and do some hiking.
  10. I ride horses at least once.
  11. I see a mix of city and nature, and visit the best and quirkiest museums.
  12. I have an unlimited budget and fly first class!
    This is a dream after all.
  13. I think that's a good start 😊