Ducks of the Month

My workplace has an internal mascot of a rubber duck. And, I have noted, the wifi password is always a type of duck. So here are the ducks of the month!
  1. October: Rosybill
    Endemic to South America.
  2. November: Maccoa
    Native to eastern and southern Africa.
  3. December: Muscovy
    Native to Mexico, Central and South America.
  4. January: Gadwall
    Range includes Europe, Asia, and central North America
  5. February: Pintail
    Likely refers to the northern pintail which breeds in the northern areas of Europe, Asia and North America and winters south of there to the equator.
  6. March: Shoveler
    Common and widespread duck (the northern shoveler). Breeds in northern Europe and Asia and across most of North America.
  7. April: Scaup
    Medium sized diving duck. Breeds in summer in Alaska, northern Canada, and Siberia. In winter it goes to East coast US, Europe, and Japan.
  8. May: Redhead
    A medium sized diving duck from North America.
  9. June: Ruddy
    A small duck from North America.
  10. July: Canvasback
    Largest species of diving duck in North America. Also, clearly evil.
  11. August: Goldeneye
    Medium sized sea duck which breeds in taiga regions.
  12. August: Eider
    Sooo... They sent out an email saying the password was goldeneye but it is ACTUALLY eider. I feel lied to. (A large sea duck from up north, known for its down).