EU Embassy Open House!

Well, the meet up aspect was sort of a fail but that's ok! My husband and I still had fun! And we ran into some friends!
  1. Lines
    Theme of the day was lines. If there's an embassy you really want to see it's probably worth starting early.
  2. There was an event app which was supposed to tell you line lengths but it wasn't working.
  3. They definitely have shuttle buses but it was a nice day so we walked.
  4. Latvia
    The first short-ish line was at the Latvian embassy. The embassy wasn't actually open - they just had a tent out front. But they had tasty cheese and rye bread and chocolates to try.
  5. Slovenia
    I really want to go to Slovenia and the embassy is not right on Mass Ave so the line was okay. It was really good. Lots of food to sample, and the ambassador was walking around wearing a t-shirt that said ambassador on it and handing out desserts on a tray. Pretty cool.
  6. The ambassador with his dessert tray
  7. A lovely pic of Lake Bled
  8. Some top dishes
  9. Denmark
    I wanted to go to Italy but the line was huge and moving slowly. The Denmark line was also long but moving pretty quickly. So we went in.
  10. Got a Danish treat
  11. We bought a juice that was really good and called "sex me up"
    I remember that the Reykjavik airport had a Joe & the Juice.
  12. They gave you a timed ticket to tour the residence but it was for an hour and a half after we went in so we left instead.
  13. We found out some friends had just arrived and were in line at the British embassy.
  14. UK
    We went in with our friends and stood in yet another line to see the ambassador's residence. It was gorgeous!
  15. On the way to that line there was a Redskins tent and a Jaguars tent... No idea why
  16. There were a bunch of British cars.
  17. The gardens were lovely.
  18. They had a big dining table set up in the ballroom.
  19. Some nice art.
  20. A horse in the garden.
  21. Just a beautiful house and grounds!
  22. There was an acappella group singing in the garden.
  23. As we were finishing up there it started raining. Luckily our friends had driven so they drove us to eat at Shouk in Chinatown.
  24. Maybe next year I'll start earlier and see some of the other embassies!
  25. Overall it was a good time and some great mostly free entertainment.