No, I cannot put them in order.
  1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    Some good story arcs, solid monsters-of-the-week, nice tortured romance (but not Riley, ugh), great cast.
  2. Angel the Series
    Darker and less serial than Buffy. Honestly, better character development. Love Cordelia but the last season was pretty weak.
  3. Doctor Who
    Highly variable in quality and tone. Overall a fun concept and I like the companions. As mentioned in another list, I can't quite get into Capaldi. Matt Smith is my #1 fave.
  4. Veronica Mars
    Kristin Bell is adorable and I love how witty Veronica is. Very fun to watch, but the last season is not so good.
  5. Gilmore Girls
    Nice, feel-good family relationships and light drama. Team Jess. Also, I wish they would please stop getting Lorelai back together with Chris because UGH.
  6. Skins (UK)
    This one can get dark as hell but MAN, it is good. Isn't afraid to tackle tough issues.
  7. Gossip Girl
    There's something about the high drama of this show that I found irresistible! By the end, I liked Blair better than Serena.
  8. Sherlock (UK)
    I do love Stephen Moffat. And Benedict Cumberbatch. This show is clever and fun.
  9. Parks and Recreation
    Leslie Knope forever! She has such great relationships with like everyone. So many good characters. I skipped the first season and you totally can too. The last season is utter perfection.
  10. 30 Rock
    So hilarious! Liz Lemon is excellent.
  11. Bojack Horseman
    Pretty much the funniest show ever. I love how dedicated it is to certain jokes. And the tinge of darkness improves it for me.
  12. Dollhouse
    I don't know anyone else who even likes this show, much less loves it like I do. Hello, are you out there?