1. I'm starting a new job today.
  2. I'm hanging out outside the building because I don't want to be too early.
  3. So I'm making this list.
  4. I'm both excited and nervous.
  5. But also I allegedly will have 3 days of new hire orientation so there should be nothing to worry about today.
  6. Tell that to my brain!
  7. Anyway I think I might not get to be so much of a Daylister anymore.
  8. Since hopefully I will be doing a job I like and not one I need List App to get through the day? 🙏🏻
  9. Also every day on the way to work I'll see the soon-to-be Trump hotel (old post office building).
    Kind of sad - I liked it as a tourist attraction/used to like the food court before I learned about the Reagan building's food court.
  10. And I'll need to get a DC library card! V important.
  11. And try a bunch of places to eat round here.
  12. Exciting!
  13. Well it's nearly that time...
  14. Time to walk in!
  15. See you later List App!