I used to disdain New Year's Resolutions. Until I discovered that the only way I could really do the things I want was to set goals! I like to make them fairly achievable, but some will be aspirational.
  1. Cook from each of my new cookbooks!
    Okay I literally used one of the recipes in Food Lab on Christmas day but I'm not going to count it.
  2. Related: learn some new cooking techniques.
  3. ✅ Get better at belly dancing!
    Did I even mention that I'm taking belly dancing classes? Still dancing and better all the time!
  4. Give yoga another try
    Inspired by @jessicaz
  5. ✅ Finish my novel draft
  6. Write some blog posts
  7. Launch my book podcast!
  8. Try a bunch of new restaurants. At least one per month.
    I have a reservation at The Dabney next week!
  9. Do some crafts.
  10. ✅ Plan some travel
    Japan planning is well under way.
  11. ✅ Take a spontaneous or surprise trip.
  12. ✅ Continue the mystery date idea.
  13. ✅ Go to 2 attractions in DC that I haven't seen yet.
    National Cathedral and air and space at Dulles.
  14. Keep up with my new five year journal.
  15. Learn to crochet
    I've already started!