Just watched S05E19 last night ("Elevator Love Letter") and these are my thoughts! See earlier thoughts here MID-GREY'S ANATOMY BINGE and first glance here TODAY I WATCHED THE FIRST EPISODE OF GREY'S ANATOMY FOR THE FIRST TIME
  1. Spoilers ahead!
  2. The music in the show is great.
  3. I'm still in love with the show.
  4. I can't stop thinking about Owen & Cristina 😍
    Like, okay, some pretty intense problems with his PTSD. But HOLY FUCK, have you ever seen so much chemistry between two characters in a TV show? If you can think of another like this tell me cuz I LIVE FOR THAT. Anyway basically my OTP.
  5. I regularly spoil myself on purpose.
    Like I couldn't handle waiting to see if Owen & Cristina get back together eventually even though I already knew they did but I needed to know when last night so I could sleep.
  6. Season 4 was pretty lame.
    I skipped a bunch of episodes, no regrets.
  7. GA has taken over my life
    But it helped me get a trivia answer correct last week so OH WELL
  8. Meredith + Derek = believable
    They aren't hot and heavy anymore but they feel like a couple. And a pretty decent one.
  9. Lexie + Mark = ☹️
    Like I have no problem with their storyline but there is literally no chemistry between them. Even when he was supposedly lusting over her, I felt nothing. No wonder no one calls him McSteamy anymore (was he ever tho? Yeah Eric Dane is hot but...)
  10. Alex + Izzie = 👌🏻
    I was weirdly okay with the Izzie fucking a ghost storyline? Until it got old after a couple eps. But also, I really like how Alex has grown and I like him with Izzie, even though up until now Izzie was getting pretty boring.
  11. Callie + Arizona = ?
    This is kind of starting in the background so I have no feel for them and so far it seems sort of contrived. But time will tell I hope. I like Callie.
  12. George is basically not a character anymore?
    I'm pretty sure he gets axed this season and he is already barely there.
  13. I miss Addison and may need to watch Private Practice.
    I mean it has Piz from VMars in it, so...
  14. I continue to love the way characters are more than one dimensional, and relationships (for the most part) feel real.
  15. I like that a lot of times when someone says something and the other person doesn't catch their meaning, they don't just give up.
    Like Owen says to Cristina, "I'll have to take the scalpel out of your hands in 40 years" and she's like "my cold dead hands." And he's like "I don't think you heard me. I want to be here in 40 years." Like miscommunication is not a huge plot point most of the time.
  16. Someday I will come out of my Grey's cave and I know I will feel empty inside when it's over.
  17. Shoutout to @kylab my partner in bingeing (where are you now?)