Hi friends! Looking for your thoughts and experiences! Trying to decide between Mirena (or other hormonal IUD) and Nexplanon/implant.
  1. Nexplanon: it appeals to me because I can deal with the idea of something implanted into my arm no problem.
  2. IUD: kind of terrified of the idea of getting it inserted and the pain and discomfort. I have always had issues with tampons, menstruations cups, and the like due to irritation so perhaps irrationally I worry about that.
    My gyno today said that shouldn't be a worry at all.
  3. Implant: my gyno says the main complaint she gets is irregular spotting. Which isn't fun but not a deal breaker.
  4. IUD: most people stop having periods which is a bonus and she says she sees fewer side effects.
    Also I am not considering copper because my period history indicates I do much better on hormones.
  5. So: uterus possessors of li.st (and their loved ones): got any tips? Thoughts? Ideas?
    I value your input!
  6. I have a Paragard and it's life changing. The side effects are pretty much just some cramps monthly (whereas hormonal bc can fuck with your mood, body shape, appetite & more). I wrote a list awhile back on the insertion, but I took a Xanax and Tylenol beforehand and it was okay!
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  7. Also Paraguard and it's been great. I had cramping for a few days after I got it, but otherwise it's been fine. I like that its hormone free, but if you tolerate hormones well, it would be sweet not getting your period every month with Mirena.
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  8. I don't have any personal experience but my good friend just got an IUD and she was very worried about it hurting and she said it wasn't that bad. It was like having bad cramps all day.
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  9. Love my Mirena IUD.
    The first placement hurt a ton for 5 mins and i freaked out for a day about having something foreign inside me, but I got over that. Not having my period for two years is AMAZING. This is my second IUD and the second time I got it placed by a different doc who put numbing cream on me and it was SO much easier. Talk to your doc about numbing options! My second doc was surprised my
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