I was a horse girl. I really miss it!
  1. S'more - 12?hh Chincoteague Pony cross
    My first pony! She was a piece of shit. Chincoteague ponies are indeed ridiculously stubborn. Didn't have her long.
  2. Jewel Box (Julie) - 13?hh Welsh Pony
    When I was trying out horses to replace S'more, I took a bad fall and almost stopped riding (a horse stepped on my face). Julie was the pony who helped me rebuild my confidence. She was sweet most of the time and liked blueberry muffins. I won lots of ribbons on her. Sadly I outgrew her.
  3. Tony - 15?hh Paint
    We went with a friend, Sharon, to try out Tony and both liked him. He didn't work out for me so we sold him to Sharon and she rode him for a whole bunch of years so the story ended well.
  4. Spectacular Night (Spec) - 14.2hh Welsh/Arabian cross
    Spec was one of my very best horses/ponies. She was calm, sweet, and forgiving. She also farted a lot. She was dappled grey and gorgeous. We found her at a horse auction, she was being sold as a driving pony. But she was in the stall next to our barn's pony and the owner let me try her out as she was trained under saddle. I loved her. We sold her to the people who owned Candy Kitchen in Ocean City and sometimes I saw her.
  5. Sarah - 16hh Thoroughbred
    Sarah was an off-track Thoroughbred that I got after outgrowing Spec. After a couple weeks I realized she was too much for me to handle. We traded her for Norman...
  6. Norman - 16+hh Thoroughbred
    Norman was also off the track but much calmer than Sarah. He still didn't work out, so we traded him for my mom's horse Laney who worked out wonderfully.
  7. Premonition (Chelsea) - 15.3hh Thoroughbred
    Chelsea was not off track. She was a goofy horse who did this paddle with her feet when she trotted. She was great for a while and then for some reason got really hard to handle. I stopped riding her mostly and some of my barn friends did instead. We got Dixie but kept Chelsea. She was still a sweetheart on the ground. Eventually we did sell her.
  8. Dixie Chick (Dixie) - 15.2hh Quarter Horse
    Dixie was a striking buckskin QH who was an absolute shit on the ground. I had to use a lead line with a chain across her nose to stop her from taking off into the distance anytime I took her anywhere (happened a couple times). But under saddle she was delightful. She was trained western and had just been started English. I taught her to jump. But she couldn't go as high as I wanted and so we sold her to a therapeutic riding program.
  9. Saint Louie (Louie) - 15.2hh Paint
    Louie was my last horse and he was one of the sweetest. He would follow me around like a puppy and had pretty nice manners. He was the horse I ride in the Medal Ride-Offs which was my long term horse showing goal. We were a good team. Also the only horse I had that my dad liked. We sold him back to his previous owners - who sold horse treats and put his pic on their pamphlets. Once a friend said she rode him (he was at Randolph Macon's stables).
  10. Bonus: Accomack's Evening Shade (Shade) - 14.2hh Welsh Pony
    Shade was my friend Heather's pony. I only rode her so she would be present at shows so they could sell her (Heather had outgrown her). I was too big for her too but I was between horses and they were looking for someone to ride her. I tried her out. I hadn't liked her much up to then (on the ground interactions), but when I rode her we clicked really well. It was like an instant soul connection. I was sad I was too big for her and she got sold because we kicked ass in shows.