Inspired by @jaidub and @andersun
  1. Is it on my Goodreads TBR shelf?
    I really want to make this shelf smaller! It's currently at 2,205 books!
  2. Is it getting a lot of buzz on the book blogs I follow?
    For reference: @bookriot, Perpetual Page-Turner, Forever Young Adult, Smart Bitches Trashy Books. Feel free to recommend other book blogs!
  3. Is it by Brandon Sanderson? Another author I love?
  4. Is it in a series that I want to finish?
  5. Is it available at the library?
    This is v. important. I actually added all my TBR books to library lists so now I can browse those lists to see what I can grab when I go to the library.
  6. Is it on the library new books shelf?
    Sometimes I find appealing things there.
  7. Did someone I trust recommend or was it given as a gift?
    I will definitely read it in this case.
  8. Am I on a certain genre kick or alternatively need a break with a different type of book?
    Or do I feel a need to read some nonfiction or literary fiction for self improvement?
  9. Basically I just always check out a whole bunch of library books, resulting in a never-ending stack that fills my need to always be reading something.