Inspired by @ListPrompts. Yesterday was our nine year anniversary so this is timely!
  1. I was at the cafeteria eating lunch during the fall of my freshman year at W&M.
  2. I was there with my friend Tim.
  3. (Unbeknownst to me, Tim and Jeff had met several times at orientation events - but Tim did not remember.)
  4. This dude came up to our table and asked if he could sit with us.
  5. I didn't know him. I looked at Tim. He gave me a confused wide-eyed look.
  6. So I was like, "yup."
  7. I thought it was cool and bold to just sit down at a random table with people you did not know.
  8. And we were talking and I thought this guy, Jeff, was pretty cool.
  9. I remember after lunch that day we kept talking and he walked me back to my dorm.
  10. I got his AIM screen name (which was cheeseodoom) and I started inviting him to hang out.
  11. I added him to my "harem."
    Me and a couple other ladies hung out with this group of guys. I found out rumors abounded because apparently no one could believe women and men could be friends without having orgies with each other, and so we called them our harem to annoy people. Spoiler: I only ever had sex with one of them.
  12. I had nice walks with him, and my mom asked me on the phone if I liked him.
    I was like, "what, no, geez mom" but then I thought about it and SHE WAS RIGHT.
  13. Then I commenced awkward flirting for like two months.
    I mean seriously I had been ENGAGED in high school it was not like I had never flirted but then I guess the other guys had made the first move. At the time it felt painfully awkward and I listened to "Wonderwall" a lot and moped, but in retrospect it was kind of cute.
  14. One time during finals my friends Zach and Tim dragged me to Jeff's dorm to take him a ginger ale while he was studying.
    I resisted and we stood awkwardly in the hall while my friends gave me a pep talk. I did go in, I did!
  15. Another time I "helped him study for astronomy" by going stargazing with him.
    I am a little confused about the timing here, but I'm pretty sure we either weren't dating yet or had just started so it's possible this isn't part of the pre-dating phase but I do know it was COLD AS HELL.
  16. A different time we were walking in Colonial Williamsburg and I was like "I couldn't jump over the palace wall with you because they say it's bad luck to do it with someone you like!"
    This was how I confessed my feelings. Okay it was super cheesy. At W&M we had this "triathlon" that you were supposed to do before you graduated: jump over the palace wall in CW and run to the middle of the maze (scary + specifically illegal), streak the Sunken Gardens, and swim across the Crim Dell (disgusting stagnant pond). The bad luck thing I mentioned was a real superstition.
  17. Finally eventually he asked me out by Candygram 😍💜
  18. It was super cute and then we decided to change our relationship status the day after our second date on 12/20/06.
    First date, he picked the place and paid, second I picked and paid. From then on we always split.
  19. And the rest is history (a history of our 9-year relationship which has been fun).