A fun tale for all
  1. My friend Carla grew out her hair for her wedding.
  2. She kept growing it for a while after that.
  3. She cut it off once it was long enough to donate/she was tired of it. 💇🏼
  4. But then she never donated it and instead kept it in a box.
    Apparently she found the steps hard that day plus like "what if I need it someday?" 🤔
  5. And then this year she decided to be The Dude for Halloween.
    (Big Lebowski)
  6. So she decided instead of buying a fake beard and mustache she would use that hair she had.
    It would for sure match. 💁🏼
  7. She started to make it at home.
    She traced out her face and was using some kind of epoxy or something. I am not so crafty so whatever.
  8. Then she and her husband came over to my place for dinner.
  9. And she wasn't done making her beard and mustache.
  10. So after we ate pizza 🍕, she continued to finish them.
  11. And so there we were, and she was making a beard out of her own hair on my dining room table.
  12. Also here was her costume it was 🔥
    Ea4ee1ec 022f 4590 86d8 b8d84844f1ca