1. I am not a sport enthusiast but usually I don't mind watching in person.
  2. This one is for work so not as fun as it could be.
  3. But I'm in a fancy suite with free food, so that's a win.
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  4. Did you know it's cold at a hockey game?
    I mean, I guess so but I never thought about it.
  5. It's Capitals v Canucks.
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  6. They did a thing to honor Ovechkin for his 500th goal point.
  7. There was a video with such people as Wayne Gretzky in it.
    I knew that name!
  8. Then they gave him a... golden stick.
  9. Then a guy sung the Canadian anthem before the American one.
    Cool 🇨🇦
  10. During the US national anthem everybody yelled during a couple words?
    "Red" and "O" mostly.
  11. I guess I will watch some hockey now!