I am so excited about my Secret Santa!

  1. I got a card in the mail today.
    From "Li.st Secret Santa HQ" 😲
  2. It was a really cute card with a really sweet note
    It said my gift will be arriving in 2-3 weeks and it got me super AMPED for my present!!!
  3. Also it had a cute Santa drawing
  4. And super bonus! One Ghanaian cedi!!!!
  5. Back
  6. You BET I will be adding it to my currency collection! I have a list in drafts where I want to do pictures of all the currency in my collection. It is not all from places I've been, some has been given to me like this.
    Also I am SO IMPRESSED at how flat and crisp this bill is? Awesome.
  7. Oh man secret Santa, you are awesome and I can't wait to see what else is in store!!!
  8. To be continued....
  9. So I THINK I got my secret Santa thing today?!?!
    A Try the World snack box subscription!
  10. It didn't say anything about Secret Santa in the notes BUT based on the note I got in the previous card this would make a lot of sense.
  11. This is a totally and brilliant, amazing top-notch gift!!!
  12. Snacks from all over the world!!!
    I'll get three boxes in all. This is better than my wildest dreams.
  13. Here's the first box
    I haven't tried anything yet. I'll make a separate list for that!
  14. Teas from France. I want to share these with my tea-loving brother in law over Christmas. We can go on a tea journey together.
  15. Coffee biscuits from Italy!!!
    Biscuit in the British sense.
  16. Kalamata and oat breadsticks from Greece!!!
  17. Honey and salt toffee from South Africa!!!
  18. Ginger snaps from Sweden!!!
  19. Butter cheese palmiers from the Netherlands!
  20. Seriously so enthused about this. Secret Santa, whoever you are, you have done an absolutely fantastic job marrying my love of food and travel.
    Stay tuned for my sampling lists!
  21. Got another card from my secret Santa today!!! It's @sarahtee93 !
    Hi! I'm going to check out your lists too. Thank you SO MUCH for this incredible gift! What a great idea. Would love to meet up when you're in the DC area!