I just watched it for the first time. Some thoughts. Warning ⚠️🚨🚨🚨 SPOILERS🚨🚨🚨⚠️
  1. Look I know like everyone loved this movie. But I did not. I had a lot of complaints.
  2. So here are some of them
  3. But warning... Thar be spoilers ☠️☠️☠️
  4. OMG I could not get over CGI face Tarkin. I found every scene with him totally unsettling.
    BTW I had to google his name which is a point I'll make later.
  5. Also CGI Leia I did NOT appreciate and the uncanny valley bullshit detracted from my enjoyment
  6. I noticed how every Star Wars movie is more or less the same
    Similar story arc, etc
  7. Love the diverse casting except... I didn't catch most of their names until basically the end?
    Like okay but basically I was left with okay blind guy was pretty cool and so was his buddy with a big gun?
  8. That was true of every character actually, except Jin
    I dunno what any of their names were. Maybe you just had to know more about extended universe to understand slash remember anything about the other movies lol
  9. There's literally no character development so I don't care about any of them as individuals?
  10. Was that on purpose because they all die? I mean it was sad but I wasn't specifically sad about anyone in particular?
  11. I figured out a little ways before the end that everyone was going to die and I was like wait what is the point of this movie? To fill one minor plot hole in the originals (why the Death Star had such a fatal flaw)?
    To be fair, a plot hole that needed explaining.
  12. Or maybe to show an inspiring act of resistance against a tyrannical foe
    Yes okay that's legit
  13. BUT: OK honestly the rebels are terrorists. Just terrorists that we are supposed to like.
    Is this secretly brilliant? Like hey guys terrorists are good guys to themselves too. Let's empathize.
  14. Also this is a general Star Wars complaint but who the HECK designed the AT-AT? Like I mean why would it ever be designed like that in-universe? They make NO logical sense.
    Also the empire just seems to build things to look dramatic but be impractical or easy to destroy. Which I mean fair enough for propaganda purposes but like can't you do better with structural engineering?
  15. So there are a few rebels on Scarif so they destroy ALL of their damn records? HONESTLY
  16. Jin and pilot guy had no chemistry whatsoever. Why did they suddenly seem like they were into each other for one second at the end?
    Neither of them even displayed any inkling of their sexuality. I guess they just HAD to pair the guy and girl 🙄
  17. I couldn't follow what was going on for parts of it. Especially fight scenes.
    Also I don't care about the wider politics so those parts are boring in every Star Wars movie.
  18. OK I think I'm done now. At least I enjoyed making fun of it with my husband.