1. I got here a little before noon and it is so crowded.
  2. I did not score tickets to the Steven King talk.
    But I saw him broadcast on a TV in the hall.
  3. I failed to get into the Carl Hiaasen talk.
    Room was at capacity.
  4. So we went to the room where the next talk I want to see is (Mary Roach) and came in halfway through a talk by Peter Kramer on antidepressants.
  5. Now waiting...
  6. I have a very strong suspicion that I will not get into the Shonda Rhimes talk.
  7. Also I bet the book signing lines are crazy.
  8. I went in 2010 to the one on the mall. It was so easy to watch the talks then but the signing lines were insane.
  9. I hope to see Patrick Ness later.
  10. I wonder if there are any li.sters here?
  11. Stay tuned!
  12. Update: 1:04 pm
    Mary Roach! "This seemed like Roachable territory as it were" (how she decided to write Grunt)
  13. "There's a dosage for maggots" -Mary Roach "And a Medicare code!" -interviewer
  14. "I'm a gateway drug to science" - Mary Roach
  15. Then we went to Shouk for some food
  16. Then we checked out the book sales area
    This seemed appropriate
  17. Then I collected some maps from the states pavilion
    I might have a problem
  18. Update 6:15 pm: we went to see Diane Rehm
    It was pretty great
  19. Now I'm sitting in the Books to Movies room waiting for it to start.
  20. Patrick Ness is speaking; he's one of my favorite authors right now.