I'm Staying in a Tiny House

I'm in Oakland for a wedding and staying in a tiny house in a guy's backyard.
  1. Here's the house.
  2. To the right is a sitting area.
  3. To the left, a kitchenette and desk, and small "closet".
    There are two burners, a microwave and a fridge so it's a pretty functional little kitchen.
  4. Through the door is the bathroom.
  5. It has a decent size shower!
    Though the water pressure is bad and it only has two temperatures: lava and ice.
  6. Here are the stairs to the loft.
    Top right is the little door to the roof deck. Not the easiest to get onto though I haven't tried yet.
  7. The loft has a king size mattress and a little table and plugs!
    Very comfy actually.
  8. I like it. I wouldn't want to live in one but would be great as a vacation home or something.
    They used the space really well and it is bigger than I expected.