I woke up in the middle of the night last night and felt the sudden need to do this
  1. I deleted my last name
    To make myself harder to find
  2. I added a Γ
    Because I joined in October 2015 right after List App went public
  3. I changed my username to @macnchz
    Used to be @rjpatt
  4. And, for now, I went private
    I really don't want to do this but I don't feel safe not doing it
  5. I did all this because I do not currently feel safe being so easy to find
  6. Because my husband's stalker has been commenting on my blog nearly every day this week
    This stalker has been sending Jeff or family or friends odd, sometimes threatening messages for 10 years (but sporadically)
  7. And it is now clear that this guy is stalking me now too
  8. The comments referenced plot points in my novel and directly addressed me
    Of course, he believes that the villain in my novel was supposed to be him
  9. I don't know how dangerous this guy is
    It has been 10 years and he has never made contact in person (that we are aware - I only recently learned what he looked like but don't think I've ever seen him - Jeff knows him personally)
  10. But I sure as fuck don't want him reading my lists
  11. So hopefully he doesn't already follow me (it doesn't look like it but who knows)
    I think List App is still obscure enough that it's unlikely, and I've never mentioned it on my blog
  12. So anyway I'm going to seek out some stalker victim resources
    I'll list about it
  13. And hopefully someday I don't have to be private again.