1. I got up today at 6 am for a 5k.
    I'm walking, I cannot run that far.
  2. And now I'm reminiscing about when I used to be a morning person.
  3. I'm in an Uber on the key bridge and there's a crew team on the Potomac.
  4. I was on the crew team senior year of high school and we had 5 am practices and I loved it.
  5. It was calm quiet and absolutely beautiful on Onancock Creek.
  6. I was a coxswain, so I was probably able to enjoy the beauty of the morning more than the rowers.
  7. Before even that I was a horse girl and did horse shows.
    This is me on my pony Spec winning a blue ribbon.
  8. In the summer we rode as early as possible to avoid the heat.
    This is me on my horse Dixie.
  9. And whenever we had horse shows we had to leave around 4 or 5 am, so I'd usually get up at 3.
  10. I would often sleep in my clothes the night before.
  11. And then we'd get to the show around 6 and I'd be a bundle of nerves but I'd still get some greasy breakfast sandwich.
  12. Anyway I liked being up before the sun
  13. My parents mucked the stalls in the mornings, walked over to the barn (1 mile from our house) at 5 am
  14. And until I got a little older I'd go with them on weekends and stuff
  15. Not on school days usually
  16. Now my parents go out for breakfast at the Exmore Diner every morning around 6
  17. And when I visit I struggle to get up and go with them
    But it's so worth it for a pancake covered in sharp cheddar 😊
  18. But basically college ruined me for getting up early
  19. But that's OK!
  20. At least I still can when I feel like it like for the 5K I just walked.
  21. I walked it in 43 minutes.
    (Crossed start line at 7:30 on the clock)
  22. Stopped to take a few pics cause it was gorgeous out
  23. I kind of miss mornings sometimes.
  24. But I also love sleep.