1. Ok this seemed like it could be up my alley because I do like feel good dramas sometimes and also, horses 🐴
  2. So I dove in to the first episode
  3. The production quality's pretty low!
    Nice title credits though.
  4. Ok wtf is happening with this crash
  5. Why does the horse kicking cause her to veer off the road?
    Look I've been in the truck pulling a trailer plenty of times and yes, horses kick. Maybe if the horse was slamming itself bodily against the sides of the trailer? But they're usually loaded in so they can't really do that idk
  6. Wtf why does the truck detach from the trailer when they go down a hill?
    Doesn't make any sense. I was just scratching my head instead of thinking about how tragic all this tragicness was
  7. I mean feel good family drama I can sometimes do but it has to be intriguing or also funny or something and not just a total sap-fest
    Which appears to be what this is
  8. Ok obviously the "bad boy" is the love interest
    Literally the first picture that comes up when you search Heartland
  9. This is so predictable
  10. Ok there's a rearing horse maybe we should just continue to get all up in its grill and stuff maybe that will work
    PS great acting performance by this horse
  11. Honestly horses don't neigh that much in a given span of time. They are not like constantly neighing. I guess if she's going in to feed them that's believable but like they are constantly neighing in every barn scene.
  12. She wore a helmet before BUT NOT WHEN SHE RIDES THE ABUSED HORSE FOR THE FIRST TIME?!?!?! Are you serious?
  13. Canada is pretty
  14. This shit is boring
  15. Everyone appears to be a stereotype
  16. Is this episode over?
  17. Yeah... So that was not a like.
  18. Does it get better?