And I lived to tell the tale.
  1. Ok so it's this huge ass storm outside.
  2. I got off work at 11:30 this morning.
  3. Then I expected to stay at home all weekend.
  4. But Jeff's brother was in town and wanted to meet up.
  5. He and his girlfriend couldn't do dinner til 7.
  6. I was like 😬 a bit late into the night?
  7. So instead we went to dinner at Rasika because we could actually just walk in.
  8. So here's my journey.
  9. Frozen Potomac
  10. Palak chaat
  11. Paneer kofta and broccoli thing
  12. Dal makhani
  13. Then we went to Bakers & Baristas to meet Jeff's brother
  14. Mm, hot choco!
  15. It's snowy
  16. Getting pretty snowy out there!
  17. Then we left before the metro closed for the ENTIRE WEEKEND.
  18. Now I'm going to be snowed in this weekend.
  19. Stay safe, DC area!