I started composing this list in my head on Saturday. Then I heard about the Pulse shooting. Now it's gonna be a bit different. A note on my privilege: I am a white, straight, cis, middle class woman in the US.
  1. It's Not OK that the Pulse shooting happened.
  2. It's Not OK that there is one more reminder for LGBTQIA individuals that our culture is not safe for them.
  3. It's Not OK that laws are still in place to restrict gay men from donating blood.
    It was not OK back in 2007 when I was made to deny gay men from signing up to be a bone marrow donor and it is really not OK that the laws haven't changed.
  4. It's Not OK that the shooter was able to legally and easily obtain the weapons used to cause terror in a safe space and kill so many people.
  5. It's Not OK that mass shootings are commonplace now.
  6. It's Not OK that many people are reacting and will react with hate, that this will increase islamophobia.
  7. It's Not OK that politicians will do nothing except use this as an example to push forward their own agendas.
  8. It's Not OK that many people's reactions to the Stanford rape were to defend the attacker and to place blame on the victim.
  9. It's Not OK that basically every woman has one or more stories of rape or sexual assault.
  10. It's Not OK that sexual violence affects WOC disproportionately.
  11. It's Not OK that white feminism silences the voices of WOC.
  12. It's Not OK that this list might be taken more seriously because of my privileged status.
  13. But It's Not OK to be silent.
    I usually am. Even here, which I consider a safe space, I'm almost scared to hit publish.