Japan Day 15

Day trip to Kamakura
  1. Today we took a day trip out to Kamakura to see part of a local shrine's yearly festival.
    Whenever I see one of these I am compelled to take a picture.
  2. We also got some baked goods I forgot to photograph mostly...
    And we ate them on the local train like some kind of foreigners or something (people eat on the shinkansen or the regional train but not really the subway or local train).
  3. Made it there about 10
  4. Got sweet soy sauce glazed dango - liked it!
    Dango is mochi (pounded rice balls) on a stick then covered in stuff or flavored. 🍡 < that emoji is dango! The more you know...
  5. Here were some people drumming at the temple.
  6. We found the place we could watch and grabbed a spot at about 11:30. All the prime railing spots were gone but we got a second row area and sat in the dirt. Here's one of this baked goods we got! Yum.
  7. We were kind of sleepy also a lady was standing RIGHT behind me reading.
  8. What we were there to see was yabusame or traditional horseback archery. Here's part of the procession.
  9. I don't have many great action shots on my phone, just on camera.
  10. I pulled a couple from Snapchat for you.
  11. They were so fast! And they yelled a lot. It was really exciting and fun to watch. First they did the three really good people in traditional gear. Then there were 17 riders after that.
    I loved it!
  12. Next we ate some sausages to tide us over.
    Mine was pizza flavored!
  13. Next up: Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum
  14. It's like a ramen theme park. You pay a small entrance fee (320 yen) then there are 9 ramen shops inside (plus some history info and a couple other little shops). It's made to look like a streetscape from 1958, when instant ramen was invented!
  15. We stood in a long line at Sumire which is famous for miso ramen.
  16. I enjoy the vending machine ticket ordering system at a lot of ramen joints.
  17. You can get mini bowls at all the places in the museum. I got a mini bowl plus an egg.
  18. Guys we need to talk about what "mini" means. I guess this bowl was only about as big as my face rather than way larger...
    But omg this was so so good.
  19. Then we lined up for Komurasaki which had barely any line.
  20. Got to see a little bit of these acrobat guys! Very cool.
  21. Each shop is basically its own restaurant.
  22. This place had tonkotsu (pork bone broth) ramen with garlic chips on top. It was alright. This is also a mini bowl.
  23. We also got gyoza because why not right?
  24. We looked at some of the small exhibits like a bowl from each of the vendors that have rotated through the museum.
  25. Also this guy invented instant ramen AND cup noodles. What a guy.
  26. I wanted to share a photo of a fairly standard public bathroom stall in Japan. A lot of them in women's bathrooms have baby seats which is a nice idea. On the left you have seat cleaner.
    Next to that is something that makes a trickling water down so nobody has to hear your actual bodily functions. I don't usually use that one. It wouldn't be a bad idea like in a work bathroom because that can often be awkward. The white box to the right of that controls the fancy toilet seat. Mainly you have some bidet/spray features to control. Most also keep the seat warm which I found weird at first but quickly came to love. I also like the spray features. I want one.
  27. After a quick stop back at the apartment we went to Akihabara, the nerd district, because it's nearby and we wanted to enjoy an arcade.
    Note the number 1 there. I saw at least 4 Sega arcades.
  28. We played a few games then walked back.
    I'm sleepy!