Japan Day 4

  1. Got up and checked out and went to Shinjuku Station where I saw part of a Kesha video.
  2. Put our stuff in lockers.
    There are lockers in all major train stations in Japan, making your life a little easier if you are, say, taking a night train but can't keep your luggage in your Airbnb past 11 am...
  3. Walked over to Nakajima, a restaurant with one Michelin star that has 800 yen set lunches ($7.35 USD at time of writing). They specialize in sardines (you can choose between 4 ways they're cooked at lunch).
  4. Eagerly awaiting our food.
  5. Watching the chef prep the sashimi.
    You can usually sit at the counter in a lot of restaurants and watch some cooking or prep. It's fun!
  6. We ordered three of the types available and got the fourth as a side. Here's the first: nabe or hot pot. It was a casserole with egg and onion.
  7. The boiled sardine
  8. The sashimi
    I apparently didn't get a photo of the fried. I liked the sashimi best!
  9. Next we went to Shinjuku Gyoen, the national gardens.
  10. I just thought I'd share a pic of a regular squat toilet in case you're curious. It's not too hard to avoid them in Tokyo if you want to, western toilets are very common.
    Squat toilets are my frenemies. They are nostalgic to me from when I lived in Korea but I'm unable to squat properly due to inflexibility so they're painful. At least in Japan a lot of them have a rail to hold onto! (Not this one).
  11. The gardens were beautiful
    We spent a large portion of the day there.
  12. Here's all three of us!
  13. Next we moved our luggage to lockers in Tokyo Station because we didn't want to have to deal with doing it later.
  14. So we then went to Asakusa, a more traditional part of Tokyo. We visited the shopping street leading up to Senso-ji Temple and the temple itself.
  15. We got some omikuji or fortunes for 100 yen ($0.92)
  16. Mine was a bad fortune so you tied it to a special wire so it doesn't come true.
  17. Here's my husband drawing the number for his fortune.
  18. His was half good half bad.
  19. It's a beautiful temple!
    And a lovely, quiet neighborhood.
  20. After we walked around for a while and failed to find a tasty looking place for dinner, we went back to Tokyo Station and had a tempura dinner.
    Very delicious! They substituted my eggplant for maitake mushroom which was so good!
  21. After that we got onto our train, one of the very few remaining overnight trains in Japan.
  22. We stayed in the B Class bunks which are no additional charge with a JR Pass. I saw an unused single person berth every time I went to the bathroom and I had regrets.
    They didn't even give you a pillow! Just a sheet and blanket. Ah well. I am still okay functioning on less than an ideal amount and quality of sleep. But if you aren't maybe try paying more for an actual bed instead of a floor!