Japan Day 8

  1. Woke up and got ready and checked out of our place and headed out on my solo journey to the aquarium.
    Google maps told me to take a train and switch to the subway but I was confused when buying tickets and a kindly older lady helped me and told me to take the subway instead. I SHOULD have listened to her about the one day pass, too, but I got cocky and forgot I'd have to take the subway to a train station later to go to Kyoto.
  2. The area around the aquarium had a lot of attractions like a mall and a giant Ferris wheel and a Legoland.
    It's right by the cruise ship port, I discovered.
  3. I ate a curry bread waiting for my train also.
  4. I got this bear bread too and took a pic before it got smushed and then ate the ears to peek inside.
    I thought it was red bean but to my delight when I got to Kyoto, it was chocolate pudding!
  5. Yay aquarium!
  6. I got there at 10:30 and the line for tickets took thirty minutes. For reference it opened at 10 😱
  7. They have whale sharks! All my pics of the whale sharks are apparently on my camera so here's a whale shark sculpture.
  8. I saw the sea otter getting fed!
    They also have river otters.
  9. Hooray penguins!
  10. It was so crowded! I think this was at the dolphin tank. They were doing feeding and training so it was very popular.
  11. The big tank in the middle is HUGE. Basically once you get to it you loop down and around in a spiral and see it from all different angles and heights. Same with many of the other tanks.
  12. Sunfish!
  13. A friendly seal
  14. Big crabs
  15. More penguins!
    It's really a large aquarium and these are just a few pics. It was really nice!
  16. I couldn't resist an otter bolster pillow from the gift shop!
  17. I went into the mall next door and ate at Wendy's! It was very similar to the US flavor although they had a lot of different and interesting menu items. Also they had great dipping sauces for the fries like garlic mayo and avocado mayo.
  18. I then hung out in Namba Walk, an underground shopping area, for a while to wait for my husband and his brother.
    His brother lost his bag with passport and rail pass on their food tour but managed to get it back.
  19. Took the train to Kyoto after that.
  20. Kyoto Station
  21. Butter shoyu fries.
  22. We then went out to Arashiyama Bamboo Grove.
  23. It was still cool even though it was getting dark.
  24. Next we went to a ramen place and also ordered gyoza.
    At this point my legs felt close to giving out. My "light day" sort of backfired especially because I couldn't find anywhere to sit while waiting for the guys. I didn't take the aquarium slowly enough either because I thought they'd be finished much earlier.
  25. We had shoyu ramen and it was really good! Then we took a cab back to our Airbnb and I slept and vowed to take the next day light.