Japan Day 9

I'm falling behind! But here's day 9.
  1. Slept in. Tried to make it a restful day.
  2. Tonkatsu set at a "Western" restaurant
  3. Went to Ginkakuji. It's gorgeous!
  4. Got a fortune.
    Fairly good!
  5. Matcha soft cream
  6. Took the bus to the kaleidoscope museum
  7. You could only take pictures of this display but it was a cool museum anyway.
  8. Checked out nearby Nishiki Market
  9. Hubby had an octopus stuffed with a quail egg.
  10. Then we went for kaitenzushi (conveyor belt sushi).
  11. The corn was bad. I couldn't help trying the novel ones though.
  12. Cream cheese roll was good.
  13. Tonkatsu roll not so much.
  14. Ham and cheese okay.
  15. Roasted fatty salmon was great.
  16. Chūtoro was good too.
  17. Hubby got this 🤢
    The raw horsemeat seems okay it's the mane fat that grosses me out a little
  18. Then we went and did karaoke.
    Got a discount because my brother in law spoke Japanese. It was fun!