A night of nerdery.
  1. Had some giant pizza
  2. My character has weird physics defying breasts
  3. Getting set up
  4. Character stuff
  5. "Every gate has extra bad"
  6. We have to reshuffle all the spells, whoops
  7. We have the weird boob monster with tooth hands
  8. Tomes are bad for this monster and killing a cultist increases the terror level.
  9. Stan and I are students of the arcane, Rob and I are courageous inspirations to each other.
  10. I moved to Hibb's roadhouse.
  11. Passed a skill check and didn't get thrown into the other world.
  12. I got an ally, Tom mountain Murphy, and passed my personal quest!
  13. Encounter at train station: "stranger in a turban" gave me holy water.
  14. Encounter at Rope and Anchor: listened to sailor's stories and nothing happened.
  15. Terror level up by one.
  16. Cat in my chair but then he moved
  17. Lost $3 cuz I was unlucky.
  18. We should have fought the ancient one but we decided to ignore that...
  19. I got a madness card: addiction.
  20. Here's a sleepy pup.
  21. Police station encounter: deputy Dingby absentmindedly leaves while I'm holding his gun! Gain a gun.
  22. Fought and killed a maniac and now stuck in river town streets.
  23. Goin' to the graveyard. Nothing bad happens there right?
  24. "Happy times have come to Arkham" and yet still a gate opens.
  25. Nearly close to winning I think? (10:41 pm)
  26. Carla wants to be changed or the captain but got sucked into the other world.
  27. Went to the bank and got blessed! (10:51 pm)
  28. Tons of bats in the black cave! Got past them #blessed
  29. Now we are all dancing (11:09)
  30. Went to the general store, another customer angrily gave me a defective King James Bible 11:23 pm)
  31. Kevin spent some clue tokens and everyone got $5
  32. Lost my blessing 😢 #unblessed
  33. "Why is there a $10 bill in the streets?"
  34. Held my liquor, gained 2 clue tokens (11:39 pm)
  35. Won "friendly" card game, gained $5. (11:49 pm)
  36. A pickpocket stole all my money (12 am)
  37. Carla is going rogue (12:26 am)
  38. Lost a stamina in a fire (12:26 am)
  39. Unbreak my heart singalong (12:28 am)
  40. Went to the bank, got $5 but lost a sanity
  41. "Take a pact, leave a pact"
  42. Somebody sealed another gate and we won! 12:45 am
  43. Total time: about 4 hrs 45 mins
  44. Sleepy now!