Inspired by @nervesofscared - these days I try to only put up really excellent profile pics and keep them up for forever.
  1. The wedding dress photo.
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    Or, the one in which I'm a pretty princess. It's also pretty dramatic. I feel like a wedding pic is an obligation to be your profile pic right after you get married. But sticking with my rule that profile pics must be of me alone, it's this sweet solo pic.
  2. Stuck on a rock
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    I was whitewater tubing in Harper's Ferry and got stuck on a rock. When I realized that I was ok and not going anywhere I was like SELFIE TIME!
  3. Doing science.
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    I was touring my bro-in-law's lab in Michigan.
  4. Eating in Thailand.
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    I feel this pic is way cuter than usual. Plus, dumplings.
  5. Exiting a hot air balloon.
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    This one broke my rule of no other people in the photo, but how often do strong Turkish men lift you out of a hot air balloon? In my experience, only once.
  6. On a yacht.
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    Jeff and I had a fun photo shoot while hanging out on a yacht in Hong Kong.
  7. Bungee jumping.
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    Wheee! Taken in Korea.
  8. Sheep selfie.
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    Getting the sheep in frame and facing the camera was a win of epic proportions! This is at Farm Sanctuary in New York.
  9. Pineapple.
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    I like a lot of elements of this: biting off of a whole pineapple, the crazed look in my eye, rocking Jeff's shirt.
  10. With a bird.
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    That bird was super chill.
  11. Caving.
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    Rappelling down a pitch black waterfall! In Waitomo, NZ.
  12. Bungee jumping (first time).
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    Definitely prettier/a better pic. Queenstown, NZ.
  13. The throwback.
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    My cat Sassy didn't like me for some reason?