Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. I have one that hardly counts but is a good story so I think I'll do both.
  2. "first kiss"
  3. I was in second grade.
  4. I had just moved to a new school.
  5. There was this kid, Ran, who was always trying to get girls to be his girlfriend.
    We are currently playing a game in Yahtzee with Friends. This is not relevant at all.
  6. So he sent one of his messengers with a note asking if I would be, and I was like NO!!!
  7. But then later we were playing tag in a group on the Viking Ship.
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    It was a playground ship (similar to this picture) and my school was the Vikings so we called it the Viking Ship.
  8. And he was like "come here I want to tell you a secret".
  9. And then he kissed me on the ear.
  10. And it was gross.
    But a small part of me was pleased. I never did agree to be his "girlfriend" tho.
  11. ---Real First Kiss---
  12. I was in tenth grade (age 15) when I finally got asked out.
    At least it felt like "finally" to me at the time.
  13. I met Michael at youth group and we both liked each other.
  14. He was two years older (a senior) but didn't have his license.
  15. He asked me on a date and somehow we ended up going to Busch Gardens Williamsburg even though that meant my mom had to drive.
  16. We walked around holding hands and had a good time and at the end right before we left he kissed me.
  17. Honestly I don't really remember it so much?
    I also don't really remember the first kiss with other boyfriends except my husband. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  18. We dated for like 8 or 9 months after that.