I love my skin art. I haven't decided what, if anything, else I'll get.
  1. Butterfly
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    LOCATION: lower back. AGE UPON RECEIVING: 16 😳 Yes it was obtained legally: I went over the state line to Maryland where you could be under 18 with a parent present. My mom was there. I wanted a butterfly and picked the best one off the wall. Not my favorite piece of body art.
  2. Dragon
    LOCATION: upper back. AGE UPON RECEIVING: 17. I used to cruise tattoo flash websites and I found this design a few months after getting my first tattoo. Then I waited approximately a year to get it to be sure I still wanted it. It does look pretty cool. Got this one in the same MD shop in Salisbury.
  3. Pegasus
    LOCATION: left outer thigh. AGE UPON RECEIVING: 18. My mom found a new artist closer to home. He had just moved from Boston where he had a shop for 11 years. The county didn't allow tattoo shops so he just ran it out of his house. It was possibly cleaner than the shop where I got my first two. He does great custom work. This was modeled on some art in a museum which I can't remember...
  4. Chimera
    LOCATION: right outer thigh. AGE UPON RECEIVING: 18. I showed my artist some chimera pictures and he drew this. It's fucking badass.
  5. Family tattoo
    LOCATION: right upper arm. AGE UPON RECEIVING: 18. My mom drew the design for this tattoo based on the concept of a tree at my grandmother's vacation house, which the sun sets behind (and which I was married under). It is in memory of my grandfather. The leaves are a modified Celtic trinity.
  6. Here's a pic of the family tattoos together.
    I forgot to tell my dad I wanted this pic and so he wasn't wearing an undershirt. This is under the tree that inspired the tattoo. My brother doesn't have the tattoo because at the time he claimed it was "too girly."