My Weekend in NYC

Quick short weekend in the big city
  1. Bus got in late Friday and I was still hungry so Gray's Papaya it was
  2. Sat. morning went to Zabars but the bagel was only mediocre
  3. However their market is great including this giant pepper grinder
  4. Also the cinnamon babka was 💯
  5. Walked thru a market with cute maple syrup packaging
  6. Grabbed chocolate almond croissant at Bouchon - pretty decent
    Angry manager lady yelling at her employees made it an awkward and unpleasant experience
  7. Walked down to the Lyceum for a show
  8. Funny! Really impressive slapstick choreography
  9. Then we went to Brooklyn and I got a pistachio donut at Doughnut Plant - amazing
    Also we got bagels and cream cheese to take home from Bergen Bagels... Verdict pending
  10. Walked over to Prospect Park
  11. Prospect Park is huge and pretty
  12. I liked this truck we passed
  13. Went to Alta Calidad, I know one of the people involved with opening it
  14. Queso fundido
  15. Fluke ceviche - on the house
  16. Amazing brussel sprouts
  17. Tamale, coca-cola ribs, octopus
    Missing good pictures of the tacos and quesadilla we had
  18. Went down the street to Ample Hills Creamery
  19. Shared an ice cream flight between three people.. delicious!
    Flavors: the munchies (with pretzel, m&ms, chips, etc), caramel, gooey butter cake, peanut butter cup, banana nut, and cinnamon lace cookie
  20. Sunday: trekked to Flushing for dumplings
    Honestly flushing main Street has been the place that felt most like Asia outside of Asia
  21. The #6 at White Bear - wontons in hot chili oil - absolutely amazing
  22. Pork and leek dumplings at Yoz Shanghai - tasty with great dipping sauce
  23. Pan fried dumplings at Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao
    Not as fried as I like - still good
  24. Pork XLB at the same place - awesome broth!
  25. Poorly made mango milk tea slush at Ten Ren Tea
    Great boba but the guy spilled most of the mango syrup 🙈
  26. Jeff got honeydew milk bubble tea which was way better
  27. And then we BARELY made the bus home because of a disabled train
    Literally the only time I have ever cancelled an Uber in favor of hailing a cab...
  28. But we're on the bus now and all is well
  29. Also this weekend was delicious!