New Board Games Played in 2017

  1. Isle of Skye
    Tile placement, bidding, good catch-up mechanics - fun!
  2. Tokaido
    Japan travel, pretty art, variety of ways to get points, furthest back goes first. Like it!
  3. Mansions of Madness
    An Arkham Horror universe game that's partially app run. Really fun! I love Arkham horror fyi
  4. Tumult Royale
    Build statues of yourself. Random draw element, but you can't take everything or risk losing resources. Really fun!
  5. Betrayal Widow's Walk Expansion
    Adds a new level, the roof, and new cards and haunts.
  6. Coloretto
    Much like Zooloretto but smaller and quicker. Good! But I am bad at it.
  7. Castles of Mad King Ludwig
    Tile placement, money management, lots of ways to get points. I got second place!
  8. Machi Koro
    Basically Catan in a card game.
  9. Lanterns
    Match colors, build sets.
  10. Hanabi
    Co-op, can't see your own cards, logic, scarcity.
  11. Legends of Andor
    Big board, co-op, generic fantasy, simple mechanics.