1. The Dabney, DC
    Cute restaurant in Blagden Alley with an emphasis of cooking over flame. There's a huge fire going in the kitchen that is cool to watch. Went with some friends. Really delicious! Now has a Michelin star, ooh la la.
  2. Nhu Lan Sandwich, Eden Center (Falls Church, VA)
    Banh mi! Didn't eat there because parking in Eden Center is hell itself! Literally circled the lot while my husband got sandwiches. Found a space JUST when he called for pick up. But beyond that these are pretty good. I got square sour pork.
  3. Hunter's Head Tavern, Upperville, VA
    Went with friends during our board gaming weekend. Really cute place with good food. Tasty mac and cheese!
  4. Trummer's on Main, Clifton, VA
    Jeff and I went as his belated birthday weekend kickoff. It was excellent. Do note that the starters and veggie sides are NOT small! We ordered way too much. No regrets. Pictured is NZ venison with smoked barley, lacinato kale, and huckleberry sauce.
  5. Albemarle Baking Co., Charlottesville, VA
    We got croissants - yum!
  6. Feast!, Charlottesville, VA
    Grilled cheese of the week and bean salad, very tasty
  7. Bashir's Taverna, Charlottesville, VA
    They are known for apricot glazed ham, which I got.
  8. Ace Biscuit & Barbecue, Charlottesville, VA
    A delicious breakfast!!!
  9. Nando's Peri Peri, Arlington, VA
    Decent sides. I don't like chicken so 🤷🏼‍♀️
  10. De Clieu Cafe, Fairfax, VA
    Pretty good breakfast sandwiches!
  11. Tupelo Honey, Arlington VA
    I had pimento nachos and they were delicious but other stuff I tried was mixed. Forgot to take a picture.
  12. The Smith, DC
    This place opened recently in downtown DC. It was crowded and loud and the tables are packed in too closely. But the service was pretty fast and the food was delicious! Got the gnocchi with truffle cream. Yum!
  13. Zachary's Chicago Pizza, Oakland, CA
    My friends took me here and it was delicious!
  14. Cinnaholic, Berkeley, CA
    Vegan cinnamon buns. You customize the glaze and toppings. Delicious!
  15. The Banana Garden, Dublin, CA
    Malaysian food!!! Yummy.
  16. Tianjin Dumpling, Oakland, CA
    This place has jianbing!!! I have been looking for a place with jianbing for approximately three years. So this was exciting. And tasty.
  17. First Street Alehouse, Livermore, CA
    This was a back up option because we decided not to park the car near the mac and cheese restaurant we were going to try (Homeroom) since all the other cars in the row had a window smashed out 😱 anyway this was fine though Jeff's BLAT was a really sorry excuse for a sandwich.
  18. Amber India, San Francisco, CA
    $20 lunch buffet in the financial district. Pretty tasty.
  19. Hot Spud, San Francisco, CA
    Baked potato restaurant at Fisherman's Wharf. Reasonable price, plenty of food, tasty! Hit the spot.
  20. Souley Vegan, Oakland, CA
    Vegan soul food! Really tasty but kind of shockingly expensive compared to the vegan soul places in DC.
  21. Sushi 2 Go, Arlington, VA
    I didn't realize this place was so highly rated! It's right next to Ballston metro. Just a lil take out place but the sushi is really good and the prices are good too. Featuring our adorable ceramic crane chopstick rests.
  22. Daikaya Ramen, DC
    We had Japanese two nights in a row! This is the shoyu ramen. There's a long wait but you can wait elsewhere and they text you. And it was good! Very savory. Excellent eggs. Yum. Still prefer Toki Underground.
  23. Bombay Club, DC
    Food was decent. Not cheap but not crazy. Same restaurateur as Rasika, but worse food and stuffier atmosphere. Might consider wearing a jacket as a man. I wouldn't go back but it was fine. Go to Rasika if you want fine dining Indian in DC.
  24. Marumen, Fairfax, VA
    I guess I'm on a ramen kick. This was quite good. I got the miso ramen.
  25. West Wing Cafe - DC
    Decent deli near work with Boars Head products.
  26. Gom Ba Woo - Annandale, VA
    Really delicious little Korean place in Annandale!
  27. Zabar's, NYC
    Mediocre bagel but damn they got a good babka.
  28. Bought Bakery, NYC
  29. Doughnut Plant, Brooklyn, NY
  30. Bergen Bagels, Brooklyn, NY
  31. Alta Calidad, Brooklyn, NY
    Excellent. I know one of the owners?Managers? Idk what he does.
  32. Ample Hills Creamery, Brooklyn, NY
    So much yes
  33. White Bear, Flushing, NY
  34. Yoz Shanghai, Flushing, NY
  35. Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao, Flushing, NY
  36. Ten Ren Tea, Flushing, NY
    Good boba
  37. Hungry Heart food truck, DC
    Alright Hawaiian fried rice
  38. Lincoln's Waffle Shop, DC
    I got a waffle. Not bad.
  39. Mi Cuba Cafe, DC
    Really good
  40. Thai Gaeng Wan, Springfield, VA
    Tasty take out
  41. Kung Fu Tea, Springfield, VA
    Very satisfying bubble tea
  42. Taco Reho, Rehoboth Beach, DE
    Very tasty
  43. Surf Bagel, Lewes, DE
    Good bagels
  44. Bethany Blues BBQ, Lewes, DE
    Excellent BBQ
  45. Notting Hill Coffee Roastery, Lewes, DE
    Had their signature baked good, the ooey gooey. Very sweet. Good.
  46. Grandpa Mac, Rehoboth Beach, DE
  47. Punjabi Junction, Sterling, VA
    Really good
  48. PJ Skidoo's, Fairfax, VA
    My grandparents took us here for brunch. Decent.
  49. Denson Liquor Bar, DC
    Cute speakeasy with tasty snacks
  50. Breadsoda, DC
    Supposed to have great BLTs. I got a grilled cheese BLT and it was tasty.
  51. Four Sisters Grill, Arlington, VA
    Yummy lemongrass beef over rice.
  52. Thai Curry, Arlington, VA
    Surprisingly great
  53. Chaia, DC
    Vegetarian tacos in Georgetown. Good
  54. Best Taste Food Truck, DC
    It's no Tasty Kabob but also decent.
  55. Delhi Club, Arlington, VA
  56. Cock and Bowl, Occoquan, VA
    Cute little place, good beer selection, food was good but took FOREVER
  57. Northside Social, Arlington, VA
    Technically I've been here before but haven't eaten a meal there. This Nutella pop tart was so good! Also good breakfast sandwiches.
  58. Bad Saint, DC
    Filipino food, family style, doesn't take reservations so you have to get there early to get in line (we waited two hours - worth it!). Delicious.
  59. SnoCream Shavery
    So I'm pretty sure they deep freeze ice cream then shave it. We got pandan cream with mango jelly and yogurt bursting boba. It was super tasty but it did not sit very well with me.
  60. La Union, Arlington, VA
    Salvadoran place. Nice enchiladas! Not the best pupusas in the area but still pretty good.
  61. BKK Cookshop
    😍 the fried tofu in my dish is going to haunt my dreams.
  62. Timber Pizza Co, Arlington, VA
    Their brick and mortar is in DC but they bring a mobile pizza oven to the farmers market. Tasty!
  63. Kalaveras, DC
    Decent Mexican food truck.
  64. Elephant Jumps Thai, Falls Church, VA
    Very tasty Thai food.
  65. Le Bledo, Springfield, VA
    Decent banh mi.
  66. Iron Chef House, Fairfax, VA
    Fairly good Japanese in the Mosaic District. I liked the pork katsu.
  67. Raaga, Falls Church, VA
    Tasty Indian food.
  68. Los Tacos No. 1, NYC
  69. Taqueria Tehuitzinga, NYC
    My chorizo and potato taco was great.
  70. Amy's Bread, NYC
    Tasty almond pain au chocolat.
  71. Jin Ramen, NYC
    That is one damn good bowl of ramen!!!
  72. Gramercy Tavern, NYC
    Excellent, worth it.
  73. Smorgasburg, Brooklyn (Prospect Park edition)
    Smorgasburg is more of a collection of food vendors than a restaurant. Bring ca$h. Some good stuff here including this mac and cheese donut!
  74. Bagels and Co, NYC
    Good crust. Large bagels. Tasty cream cheese. Solid UWS choice.
  75. Avena, NYC
    Upscale Italian. $32 lunch tasting menu was good. Pictured is the tiramisu which was the best part.
  76. Crif Dogs, NYC
    The one on the right (bacon wrapped with avocado and sour cream) was 🔥
  77. Big Gay Ice Cream Shop, NYC
    American Globs cone with pretzels, salt, and chocolate. Tasty!
  78. Joe's Pizza, NYC
    Good ol' New York style pizza. 👍🏼
  79. Murray's Cheese, NYC
    I've been in the shop before but this was the first time having the grilled cheese. Very good!
  80. DŌ, NYC
    Cookie dough served like ice cream. I went to get in on the hype/for instagram but actually it was more enjoyable than expected.
  81. Founding Farmers, Tyson's Corner, VA
    Tasty just like the DC location!
  82. Sweet Home Cafe, DC
    The cafeteria at the African American History Museum. It was good!
  83. Sanchick, Falls Church, VA
    Really delicious new Peruvian place in Seven Corners! That is a pork chop on top of pesto.
  84. Puddin', DC
    Mostly a food truck, Cajun/southern. I got some cheese grits. Tasty!
  85. AsiaSF, San Francisco, CA
    Dinner and entertainment venue with all trans performers. Also the food is tasty.
  86. Bakesale Betty, Oakland, CA
    Fried tofu sandwich was alright. Not really worth the hype. But the baked goods were tasty.
  87. Burma Superstar, Alameda, CA
    Yes 😍
  88. The Landing Cafe, Oakland, CA
    Place to eat at the Oakland Zoo. Gorgeous views. Great garlic fries.
  89. Mama Papa Lithuanian Restaurant, Alameda, CA
    We tried a bunch of stuff and it was all delicious. Loved the fried rye bread with garlic.
  90. Peter Chang, Arlington, VA
    I've been to the Fredericksburg location. This one's also good! The cool part is each location has a little different menu. But they all have the scallion bubble pancake I think.
  91. Vicky's Biscuit and Kitchen, Fayetteville, NC
    Very tasty. Good cinnamon rolls too.
  92. Christophe Artisan Chocolatier, Charleston, SC
    Great ice cream sandwiches!
  93. FIG, Charleston, SC
    Excellent food and service. This tomato tarte tatin was a favorite for most of us.
  94. Husk, Charleston, SC
  95. EVO Pizzeria, North Charleston, SC
    Very good pizza 👍🏼 though they were totally overwhelmed with the influx of extra people for the eclipse.
  96. Hello Deli, North Charleston, SC
    Alright sandwich.
  97. Balo Kitchen, Annandale, VA
    Inside the Block. "Asian comfort food." Tasty!
  98. Munch, Annandale, VA
    Also in the Block. Tasty ice cream with interesting flavors. My friend enjoyed the donut ice cream sandwich.