1. Quick and easy alfredo sauce
    This came together nicely for my friend weekend. If you give it time to hang out in the pan on the heat it loses the cream cheese taste and takes on a nice texture. http://allrecipes.com/recipe/19402/quick-and-easy-alfredo-sauce/?internalSource=hub%20recipe&referringContentType=search%20results&clickId=cardslot%202
  2. Tender fancy pants omelet, The Food Lab
    It didn't come together quite right and obviously didn't look like a beautiful omelet. But! It was delicious even though the recipe called for a bit too much salt.
  3. Pistachio butter swirled fudgey brownies from @eatthelove 's cookbook!!!
    I did not get matcha powder to make it greener... But they are so delicious!
  4. Fried zucchini pasta salad, Plenty
    Yum!!! Also buffalo mozzarella is decadent.
  5. Asparagus gruyère soup
  6. Crepes!
    Shockingly easy.
  7. Ramen (Blue Apron meal)
    Roasted onion miso ramen. Pretty good! Love an opportunity to bust out my cute chopstick rests. Also the eggs came out perfect (7 mins on full boil).