One place I want to visit for each letter of the alphabet

Inspired by @lexie_elyse
  1. Antarctica
    My in laws are going! I want them to take me with them. Don't think it's gonna happen...
  2. Banff National Park
    This was initially going to be part of our road trip but we skipped it (we had to make Yellowstone before the government shutdown).
  3. Croatia
    I want to eat truffles on the Istrian Peninsula, walk in Plitvice National Park, walk the walls of Dubrovnik, and visit the Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb. I planned out a Croatia trip when we were doing our world trip but we're opted to save it for later.
  4. Denver
    By all accounts I will fall madly in love and demanded to move there immediately.
  5. Edinburgh
    This is also my cheat to include Scotland in general!
  6. Faroe Islands
    Several travel bloggers have talked them up and I'm ready.
  7. Greece
    I was a classics major and focused a little more on Greece than Rome (though I studied both). I can't even believe I haven't been to Greece yet.
  8. Havana
    Now that it's a bit easier to get to Cuba.
  9. Ireland
    So green! So beautiful!
  10. Japan
    I was SO CLOSE when I lived in Korea yet didn't go to save money. Tentative plan for 2017. Definitely Tokyo and Kyoto, have to prioritize the rest.
  11. Kerala
    Would love to take a tour of the Kerala backwaters!
  12. Ljubljana
    Slovenia is high on my list.
  13. Machu Picchu
    Also just Peru in general.
  14. New Zealand
    I studied abroad in New Zealand and am dying to go back and see it with Jeff!!!
  15. Oahu
    Haven't ever been to the non-contiguous US.
  16. Portugal
    I've been to Spain... Now Portugal is next!
  17. Quebec
    One of these summers I'll take a long weekend up to Quebec City.
  18. Ravenna
    Want to see the mosaics.
  19. South Africa
    Especially Cape Town.
  20. Torres del Paine National Park
    Looks so gorgeous!
  21. Uluru
    I'm ready to go down under!!! Now when can I take a month off of work?
  22. Vermont
    Especially in the fall sometime.
  23. Windhoek
    Namibia seems fascinating.
  24. Xi'an
    Nearly went there when I was in China so I've read up on it. Bell Tower, walking on the walls, tasty food, the Terra Cotta Warriors.
  25. Yucatan Peninsula
    The ruins! And Mexico in general too.
  26. Zanzibar
    Wildlife, nature, beaches - sounds lovely!