1. First, I'll say I had a great time at the Olympics.
  2. I had no safety concerns once I settled in a bit.
    It turned out staying with a consulate employee was a little stressful at first because he told me all the things that sometimes happen (and would then say, but it doesn't happen all that often...).
  3. The American media was so pessimistic and alarmist running up to the Olympics. But they do this for every Olympics.
  4. The media often told half-truths and basically shared conspiracy theories.
  5. It was pretty much wrong.
  6. Yes, there's crime in Rio. Yes, you need to be careful. But there was also SO MUCH security.
    Mostly military police with assault rifles, which was at times a little unnerving because of the assault rifles but did make it seem really unlikely that anything would happen.
  7. The Olympics are definitely a drain on the local economy.
    Especially since of course the political and economic turmoil in Brazil lately could not have been predicted seven years ago when they were chosen as host.
  8. The Olympics turned a spotlight on Brazil's inequality problems and other things.
    But I think it's important to recognize that these are long-standing issues and not somehow caused by the Olympics.
  9. Could the Olympics be run in a way that was less of a negative impact on society?
  10. Do they encourage nationalism and unnecessary comparisons between nations?
  11. But did I enjoy them?
  12. Overall they were really fun and it was quite exciting to be there.