Inspired by @Diplomatic_diva - I suspect I won't complete this but trying!
  1. 1 - happy
    Trivia night! Yay!!! We won!
  2. 2 - shadows
    My water bottle casts a cool shadow on my desk. Also I expect to be at work forever and ever today.
  3. 3 - bent
    My podcasting microphone at work has a habit of loosening itself and falling over.
  4. 4 - heights
  5. 5 - shallow
    My husband planted these lettuce seeds shallowly. I know, bit of a stretch.
  6. 6 - drip
    It was raining a bit on our climb of the National Cathedral.
  7. 7 - on the wall
    Our bows as decoration. We really need to go back to the range.
  8. 8 - hands
    I ordered totchos at trivia... It was larger than expected. Hand for scale.
  9. 9 - favorite color
  10. 10 - beautiful
    The fountain at the Navy memorial is always pretty
  11. 11 - on the road
    It was raining all day and even though I did drive today I didn't take a pic. So here's a picture from the pilot of Hart of Dixie that I just watched lol
  12. 12 - sweet
    Our CMO brought in donuts today.
  13. 13 - blue
    Neighbor's pools from our balcony. Have spent all of today inside cooking.
  14. 14 - black and white
  15. 15 - tree
  16. 16 - fluffy
    My snuggie
  17. 17 - time
  18. 18 - on my plate
    Our condo building's annual pizza party was today
  19. 19 - painted
    This is a painting from Italy that I inherited from a great aunt.
  20. 20 - outside
  21. 21 - hard work
    This dead tree carved into a sculpture looks like it took hard work!
  22. 22 - hard work
    My work space
  23. 23 - space
    Whoops! Missed this yesterday. Also this is the first time I'm using a picture I didn't take on the day 🙊
  24. 24 - dark
    Dark colors today (plus giraffes)
  25. 25 - a pet
    My friend's majestic greyhound, Arya.
  26. 26 - motion
    Walking to the grocery store
  27. 27 - wish
    My wish is to get into bad saint tonight! In line now (3:30), they open at 5:30 and these are the people in front of us.
  28. 28 - moment
    This picture represents the moment when I figured out what song my husband was trying to think of for the past two days. He could remember the opening/closing guitar riff and nothing else. I pride myself on being really good at recognizing what song he is trying to remember but I didn't think I'd be able to crack this one!
  29. 29: a pair
    Pair of eggs, pair of chopsticks
  30. 30: dance
    Well I forgot to take a pic at dance class so here is my outfit on the way home!
  31. 31: rough
    This is the empty desk of the girl who started at my work yesterday and also quit yesterday. In other news we are hiring.