Places I Traveled in 2017

  1. Millwood, VA - 1/13/17
    Annual board gaming weekend! This time we were near Winchester which is much closer than Luray, and found a dope old farmhouse that's been really well updated. Great fun.
  2. Front Royal, VA - 1/16/17
    As always we stopped for breakfast and well, FroRo was on the way to 66.
  3. Charlottesville, VA - 1/20/17
    I needed to escape DC and also I wanted to come up with a surprise trip for Jeff's 30th birthday. So I planned us a trip to Cville where we ate a lot, bought cheese at a monastery (pictured), made glass ornaments, and had a fun time.
  4. Oakland, CA - 2/18/17
    Visiting my brother in law who lives in Livermore! Also hanging out with friends who live in Oakland.
  5. NYC - 3/24/17
    Visiting a different brother in law and eating tasty food.
  6. Lewes, DE - 4/14/17
    Beach weekend with our friends and their dogs!
  7. NYC - 7/1/17
    Back in the Big Apple! Taking advantage of an empty apartment we have access to.
  8. Oakland, CA - 7/27/17
    Attended bachelorette party and rehearsal dinner, officiated a wedding, and also visited the Oakland Zoo.