Went to a wedding in Rockland County then stayed a night in the city.
  1. Staten Island Ferry
    We got a speeding ticket then had trouble finding the parking place but eventually we parked and took the ferry to Manhattan.
  2. Ess-a-Bagel
    Thirty minutes in line. So good! Maybe my favorite bagel in the city so far. Took home half a dozen and sadly finished them last night.
  3. Little Brazil for a Brazilian Day Festival
    We didn't get anything but it was fun to walk around.
  4. Central Park
    Quick walkthrough and Pokemon hunting.
  5. Zurutto Ramen
    Upper West Side. Next to my brother in law's apartment. Got truffle Dan Dan Ramen and it was freaking delicious. It's not a soup. I think I liked it even more than soup ramen. Next time I'm up though I gotta try Jin Ramen I guess which is my BIL's fav.
  6. Shoreham Hotel
    It's on 55th between 5th & 6th. Pretty good hotwire deal. Decent place to stay.
  7. Levain Bakery
    20 minutes in line. So worth it. Excellent chocolate chip cookie and cinnamon brioche. We recently had the dark chocolate peanut butter chip at home and it was SO AMAZING 🙌
  8. Central Park again
    Walked around a lot. Caught some Pokemon. Enjoyed the lovely day.
  9. Ladurée
    Confession: I never cared for macarons until THIS VERY MOMENT. This was incredible. It was the caramel one. I may forever regret not getting a box of six. Or maybe I'll just go back. We got a croissant too and it proved to be exquisite.
  10. Lunch Box
    A little sandwich place in Columbus Circle. I forgot to take a picture. I got an avocado and swiss sandwich. Tasty.
  11. Staten Island Ferry
    Goodbye for now, New York. I'll be back.