Inspired by @jennamarie - my plane preference is not to travel by plane! But I love to travel and sometimes plane is the only sane option.
  1. Window or aisle?
    Aisle. I get anxious if I have to ask people to move in order to get up. I am actually fairly ok with the middle (unless aisle person falls asleep) but in the window seat I feel trapped.
  2. Preferred drink?
    Water is #1 but I usually fill up past security so sometimes instead I get orange juice or ginger ale. But I have come to the conclusion that carbonated beverages on my plane upset my stomach.
  3. Snacks - purchase or bring your own?
    Always 100% bring your own. Though rarely I forget and buy some in the terminal (still better than on the actual plane).
  4. Chit chat?
    I don't normally initiate but am usually happy to join in. My favorite is eavesdropping on other people's plane convos.
  5. Front or back of plane?
    Usually don't care.
  6. Small or large plane?
    No real preference although really really small ones are a little nerve-wracking.
  7. Favorite airline?
    Singapore or Qatar, followed by Air New Zealand.
  8. Bathroom breaks?
    Necessary. Especially on super long flights when I mostly want to just stretch my legs.
  9. Favorite plane experience?
    Probably the flight from Hanoi to Bangkok which was only an hour but on Qatar Air (first leg of their Hanoi>Doha route) so we had in flight entertainment and they gave us a sandwich. So good!
  10. Worst plane experience?
    When my husband and I booked a flight from South Korea to Mongolia with United miles. United neglected to book us on their partner airline and neglected to inform us of this. We had to come back two days later and Jeff was STILL just on standby and we almost got into trouble during our layover in China because he wasn't on the second flight either. But we got there...
  11. Responsibilities or relaxing?
    I have never even attempted to get anything useful done on a plane. I go into this weird zombie mode where I can't concentrate on anything (sometimes I can't even read) but I can't really fully relax either.
  12. In-flight movie/TV?
    Yes thank you! Watching something is passive enough that I can do it despite my zombie mode. And sometimes it sort of lulls me to sleep (weirdly this is usually with action movies like Thor or Mad Max Fury Road).
  13. Other activities?
    Staring into space, snoozing and waking up with neck pain, yawning, having a panic attack. But also: reading, playing phone games, doing puzzle books. Probably coloring would be okay except I'd lose a pencil?