Products I would stockpile if I found out they weren’t going to sell them anymore

Inspired by @Peace_Out_List - this list is only food
  1. Three cheese Kraft mac and cheese
  2. Stouffer's frozen mac and cheese
    I rarely eat this but the nostalgia is key
  3. Cheez-its
  4. Kirkland chewy granola bars
  5. Cheddar goldfish
  6. Rainbow Chips Deluxe
  7. Peanut M&M's
  8. Smartfood white cheddar popcorn
  9. Utz white cheddar popcorn
    I don't have a clear favorite, depends on my mood
  10. Thunder Beast root beer
    Locally brewed in DC. Got it for my wedding. My most favorite root beer.
  11. Pringles, maybe
    I have seasons for Pringles. Pringles are out right now. But I love them when I'm traveling since you can get them pretty much globally.
  12. I would have said Cheese Shop house dressing but I learned how to make it
    Mad appreciation tho (this is a restaurant/cheese shop in Williamsburg, VA)
  13. Also in case you get the wrong idea the only one I'm currently never without is the Kirkland granola bars.
    But let's be honest I don't maintain the healthiest of diets...