As opposed to things I fear I have. #draftmas
  1. Allergies.
    Seasonal, but like, every season. Tree pollen and ragweed. Also, I'm allergic to eggplant.
  2. Anxiety.
    This one basically causes a lot of terrible symptoms and makes me think I have other terrible diseases. Whee!
  3. Asthma.
    Had infant asthma as a child. Grew out of it. Asthma came back in 5th grade, remained until college. Then I grew out of it. Then it came back on my world trip. Now I've been having symptoms but doctors are unsure whether they are "really" from asthma or from anxiety or possibly sarcoidosis related. Anyway, I carry an inhaler.
  4. Sarcoidosis.
    Ooh, my rarest condition! It's an auto-immune condition that can affect any organ in the body. I am currently basically symptom free and in treatment, with regular health monitoring by a pulmonologist. Which means lots of medical tests! But hey, hearing I had sarcoidosis (which doesn't usually affect quality/length of life) was a relief compared to the alternative of lymphoma!