We arrived!
  1. Got barely any sleep on the plane.
    Partially discomfort, partially maybe I can blame the mansplainer behind me. Who spent basically the whole flight telling the random woman he was seated next to how much he knew about Brazil. Even though he was American. And she was FROM RIO 😡
  2. Arrived at the airport and did not get sent through the media gauntlet (had to walk around like all the plebs)
    There was definitely a Japanese Olympic team on the plane. If only I knew what sport?
  3. Got a special Olympics stamp!
  4. Our friends met us at the airport because they are totally fabulous.
  5. We took a nap.
  6. We went to the market across the street and ate acaraje.
    It's like okra, shrimp, fried cassava flour, and some sauce. It was... Interesting.
  7. We then went to an Amazonian place and ate bowls of açai.
    It was a cold slush and delicious.
  8. Then we walked to the beach (Ipanema).
  9. The women's road race was coming by in its final few kms.
    Mara Abbott, pictured here, had a solid 20 second lead as she passed us but ended up in 4th.
  10. There was a big crowd all clapping and cheering.
    Really exciting and fun atmosphere. This seemed to be a very popular part of the route to watch (no tickets required).
  11. I couldn't believe how close we were to the speeding bikes!
  12. We rested up a bit and then went out to dinner.
    I got this phenomenal octopus.
  13. Now I'm sleepy and we are planning to sleep in a bit tomorrow.